True nerds

Nerdherrschaft is a German R&D company creating innovative Hardware and Software as turn-key solutions for our customers. We are also providing consulting services for the ITC sector.

The German word "Nerdherrschaft" means "Reign of the Nerds", which gives an idea of the concept behind our company.

Who we are

We are a team of Nerds who enjoy creating new technology. Some of us locate themselves on the autistic spectrum. Some of us do like interacting with Humans, while others prefer to make love to computers only. We are different, but what unites us is our deep passion for research and development.

What we are doing

Nerdherrschaft offers you the entire development chain from the idea to the product ready for shipment.
We will not just provide you with a single piece of the puzzle, but an overall picture that will shake up your competitors.

Custom Hardware Development

Hardware Development

We design custom PCBs, electronics and housings. In addition to the R&D, we do prototyping in-house, which reduces time to market.

Development for the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

We develop complete IoT devices for you in the industrial and consumer sector, including M2M communication and cloud connectivity.

Custom PCB Design Services

PCB Design

We develop custom multilayer printed circuit boards for you. We speak USB and PCI Express as fluently as LTE 4G/5G and WLAN.

Software Development

We offer software development for desktop applications under Windows, MacOS and Linux. We also do mobile apps and web applications available.

Delphi / Object Pascal

We love Object Pascal. We develop new applications in this language and would be happy to maintain your existing Delphi applications.

Embedded Firmware

For embedded systems we not only develop hardware, but also provide firmware and drivers. We love hacking Linux kernels.

R&D Consulting Services

R&D Consulting Services

Make use of our decades of experience when it comes to R&D. We have deep knowledge about each and every part in regards of Hard- and Software.

Development of custom CM4 carrier boards

Custom CM4 carrier boards

We develop your individual carrier board for the RPi Compute Module 4, or alternatively for the Radxa CM3, precisely tailored to your needs.

5G Development and Consulting Services

5G Consulting Services

Based on years of experience and beyond the hype and false promises, we provide you with expert advice on the development of 5G-based projects.

Where we are

We are located in Bingen am Rhein in Germany, a small city in the UNESCO world heritage side of the middle rhine valley.

The city is close to Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt and the international Frankfurt am Main airport. It's just a lovely place, but well connected internationally.