Some want their products to run on of the shelf hardware, or in the cloud. But sometimes only bare metal will cut it. We'll develop PCBs and ready to ship turn-key devices for you.

Hardware Development Services

We develop customer-specific electronic circuits and circuit boards. Our specialization is the development of motherboards based on x86 and ARM CPUs. We are also highly experienced in connecting different bus types such as PCIe and USB. But we have the greatest wealth of experience in the field of network technologies. Whether LTE/5G mobile or Ethernet, our understanding goes deep and our circuits are optimized through and through.

With our in-house design of a stamp-sized ARM CPU board we are able to also create tiny embedded devices. But just as much we are also experienced with creating rugged systems suitable for extended temperature ranges and outdoor use.
And finally we are also skilled in doing FPGA development, including interfacing USB chips, FiFo memories and state machine bus arbiters.

Our skills in Hardware Development

  • PCB Design: We are designing custom PCBs with any number of layers.
  • Prototype assembly: PCB prototypes are assembled in-house to reduce time-to-market. Mass production afterwards can be done with our experienced partners in Germany or China.
  • Creation of system boards: We are creating custom system boards based on x86 or ARM CPUs, including high-speed bus systems like PCI-Express. 
  • Connected devices: Working with WAN communication technologies like 4G/LTE/5G, xDSL and Ethernet is our daily business.
  • SIM Card technologies: We are designing custom SIM systems including SIM virtualization.
  • Certification: We are used to create standards-compliant (RoHS/EMI/FCC/ETL) devices, and are working with different laboratories for getting electronics certified.
  • Enclosures: We are designing enclosures based on bent sheet metal and/or custom extruded Aluminium profiles. We are highly experienced in creating passively cooled devices, but also very skilled in creating devices that are based on a forced airflow.
  • Assembly: For projects with small to medium number of devices, we can do full assembly including Quality Assurance in-house. Our team has produced thousands of mission-critical Internet routers.