Since 2022 the CM4 has hardly been available. We have already helped a large number of customers to convert their products to the largely compatible and very readily available alternative, the Radxa CM3 module. 

The Raspberry PI Compute Module 4 

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 takes the computing power of the popular Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and puts it into a smaller form factor. The Raspberry Pi CM4 is specifically designed to integrate with your own electronic hardware. The module's affordable price and availability of a large number of software developments make it a great choice for professional embedded and IoT development. 

Since the module was introduced in 2020, many companies have consequently developed products based on the CM4. Now, however, there is a huge problem:

Due to the chip crisis, the CM4 was no longer available anywhere in the world from the end of 2021. It took until late 2023 for modules finally becoming available again.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

The Alternative: Radxa CM3

Since 2022 the Chinese manufacturer Radxa has been supplying an alternative to the RPi CM4: the strangely named "CM3" module is pin-compatible with the Raspberry PI CM4 (and not, as one might assume from the name, the RPi CM3). It also offers features that the "original" does not have - including an integrated USB3 controller.

But the most important advantage is: the module is reliable, fast and available in quantities, and also offers a better price/performance ratio than the module from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

What is the catch? Although the module is largely compatible in terms of hardware, the manufacturer unfortunately fulfils most of the clich├ęs usually associated with clone products from China. For example, the documentation is poor, and there are some significant differences, especially with regard to the Linux operating system. Applications written for Raspberry Pi OS therefore do not run without adaptation work.

On the hardware side, however, the product is of extremely good quality and an absolutely recommendable alternative.

For several months now, we have been helping our customers to convert their developments from the Raspberry PI CM4 to the Radxa module. We support them in word and deed with the adaptations of the hardware (mainboard) as well as with all necessary adaptations on the Linux side and with the integration of further hardware from third party manufacturers, which are only tested by them for the RPi product.

We were one of the first Radxa customers to use this module in Europe and have a wealth of experience that you will not find elsewhere.

We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive support in all matters relating to the Compute Module and, together with you, ensure that you can launch your product on the market in a timely manner after all.

Radxa CM3 Compute Module