While we love developing our own Hardware, we do software development for existing devices and platforms. Anything from Windows to Linux, from x86 to ARM goes.

Software Development Services

We are at home on all levels of software development. This starts with programming in machine language / assembler, goes over Linux kernel development in C (e.g. drivers) to GUI applications with Object Pascal / Delphi. Web technologies, including Javascript / Typescript, are also used.

We work with an in-house developed development stack, which is no more than a few megabytes in size including web server and user interface when rolled out. With our in-house development tool "GUIlty" we design modern "responsive" web applications in the shortest possible time-to-market.

We also demonstrate great know-how in the field of encryption technology and the development of highly secure software that can withstand attacks from outside. The Internet routers developed by us have been exposed for over 15 years to the open Internet without a protective firewall, and have withstood every hacker attack. With security code from our company, your customers will not suddenly be standing there with their pants down, not today, and not in 10 years from now.

Our skills in Software Development

  • Networking code: We have our own TCP/IP routing stack in-house, and are one of the most skilled teams in Europe when it comes to development in this area. Routers, Server systems, Firewalls - we've done it all.
  • GUI Desktop applications: We have over 20 years of experience creating fast and native Windows Desktop applications. We mostly work with Object Pascal / Delphi here, which has a rich market of ready-to-use components, reducing cost and time to market.
  • Linux System Development: We are creating custom system-level Linux software, including driver development, in C and x86 and ARM assembly languages.
  • Android and iOS Apps: While phone app development is not our main focus, some projects require having companion apps for Android and/or iOS phones. We do those, too.
  • Web Applications: We are developing web applications based on our own Rapid Application Development (RAD) Toolkit, resulting in very low time-to-market and cost-effective development. Apps can be stand-alone or work with Server- or Cloud-based backends.
  • Scalable Cloud/Server Applications: We've designed servers being able to handle up to 50.000 requests per second. We are highly experienced when it comes to making server applications perform well. We are also very skilled when it comes to scalable systems that can automatically acquire additional server/cloud resources on-demand.