Connected devices are everywhere. When doing IoT badly, you'll end up with a zombie army of fridges and toasters attacking humanity. If done right, embedded devices open up tremendous opportunities. 

Embedded Devices and IoT services

“Embedded" refers to the combination of software and hardware embedded in non-IT systems. These can be controllers for large industrial plants, but also the interconnection of many smaller devices to form a cloud ("IoT").

Due to our development experience in the field of hardened routers, we are very experienced in developing small and e.g. weatherproof devices. After all, devices developed by us can be found from the Arctic Ocean to Arican deserts.

Our skills in Embedded Development

  • Extended temperature PCBs: We are used to create both cost-optimized designs for commercial temperature range. But we are just as capable in creating PCBs that can withstand industrial temperature ranges, too.
  • Rugged Enclosures:  While we can create very tiny devices, we are also experienced in creating Rugged enclosures, for example from extruded Aluminium, for rugged outdoor applications.
  • IoT Networking: We are very experienced in creating tiny networked devices. No matter if it is a high-speed train, a lamp post or a garbage can - if it needs to be connected to the Internet or a VPN, we can do it.