5G is a hype. As usual with hypes, the valid technological core is shrouded in a lot of marketing and false promises. We crack the nut and show you what benefits 5G can have for your company, and where they are simply trying to talk you into something.

Future-oriented networking projects with 5G

There is no doubt that 5G is the future. The existing 2G and 3G networks (GSM and UMTS) are gradually being switched off across Europe. Reasonable network coverage is obtained today with 4G (LTE), but one day even this technology will reach the end of its life.

It therefore makes sense to design future projects in the field of mobile networking and the Internet of Things (IoT) directly for the use of 5G.

There are many challenges that are often underestimated. For example, the energy requirements of a 5G connection and the compatibility challenges are often overlooked. The requirements in the area of antenna technology are also underestimated - the network coverage of 5G is poor and the signals hardly penetrate buildings. A 5G application without 5G reception can prove quite useless in practice.

Our company has been involved in the practical use of 5G for a long time - we have already developed our own 5G routers and, for example, played a major role in solutions for the use of 5G in unmanned flying objects.

Our expertise in the 5G sector

  • New applications and business models: With 5G, completely new applications and business models are emerging. The challenge is to identify relevant use cases or rethink known use cases and then evaluate which 5G technologies can offer a concrete benefit for the real application. If the benefit is not in proportion to the effort, we will be honest with you here as well.
  • Improved products and services: The use of certain 5G features ensure that your offering remains future-proof. The key here is to find the right approach and overcome the technological challenges of implementation and testing. We advise and support the entire process, from design and development to 5G certification and rollout.
  • Expectation management: 5G increases the bandwidth compared to 4G, and the latencies in data transmission are supposed to decrease. This enables real-time applications that were previously inconceivable via mobile networks. In practice, the results that can be achieved in Europe are still rather modest due to poor network expansion. We help you to determine what you can really expect with 5G today and in the coming years, and what you cannot.