Nerdherrschaft is a German R&D company creating innovative Hardware and Software as turn-key solutions for customers worldwide. The German word "Nerdherrschaft" means "Reign of the Nerds", which gives an idea of the concept behind our company.

Welcome to Nerdherrschaft

Nerdherrschaft GmbH is an innovative development company based in Bingen am Rhein. New ideas in the areas of hardware and software are developed within the scope of project orders from the early planning phase to the finished product.

The main competencies include the development of system software (Embedded Linux), application software (GUI/client server), hardware development with a focus on embedded and industrial computing (x86 and ARM) as well as broadband technologies.

As the name suggests, all employees of Nerdherrschaft GmbH are real nerds. Since early childhood, all employees have been busy creating new things, improving old things and always finding new ways to get the best out of technology. This passion for further development still exists today. Thus, when developing new projects, Nerdherrschaft GmbH can not only rely on decades of experience, but also on the basic nature of its employees.

The Nerdherrschaft team covers all qualifications, from project planning to hardware and software development to the finished product. The employees rely on close cooperation and short communication channels, daily discussion of possible difficulties and problem solving in a team.

We are located in Bingen am Rhein in Germany, a small city in the UNESCO world heritage side of the middle rhine valley.

Bingen am Rhein is located near Frankfurt am Main, Mainz and Wiesbaden, and is ranked as one of the most productive regions in Germany. It offers both beautiful nature in the World Heritage Site of the Middle Rhine and very good connections to the surrounding cities and airports. You are welcome to visit us in our offices to discuss your project with us in person and enjoy the view afterwards over a Bingen wine.

Living the Dream

Hi. I'm Simon Kissel. I'm a Nerd.

I'm programming since early childhood. At the age of 17, I've opened my first business, a computer repair shop. Later, I've founded a company provided web-based messaging services. In 2006, I've invented the concept of "WAN Bonding", filed patents for it, and founded a company producing Enterprise-grade Routers made in Germany, used in the most mission critical scenarios.

Back in 2011 I have founded Nerdherrschaft. My goal was to create a safe space for Nerds and people on the autistic spectrum, where all their needs are covered, and where creativity can unfold fully. That dream has come true.