All systems are go

Nerdherrschaft GmbH is an innovative development company located in Bingen am Rhein, Germany. In the course of project orders, new ideas of the areas hard- and software are developed from an early planning stage to the finished product. Amongst the key skills here are the development of system/embedded software (Embedded Linux), application software (GUI/Client Server), hardware development focussed on embedded and industrial computing (x86 and ARM) as well as broadband technologies. The company draws its strength from the fact that only real computer freaks, so-called "nerds", are employed for research and development - Nerdherrschaft's employees have in common that their lives have been centered on developing programs on computers since their early childhood. Thus, all processes are based on rational, logical and critical considerations. Project plans and decisions are solely made by developers with heart and soul; all decisions are made by employees with the respective competence.

With this background, the company is able to provide absolute maximum performance: Where others already fail at project management and exceed budgets, Nerdherrschaft yields the absolutely best possible result.

Nerdherrschaft was established 2011 by Simon Kissel. At the age of 10, Kissel started programming; at the age of 16, he became part of the international society of computer artists, the demoscene - and is still a part of it today. Kissel survived all ups and downs of software development with his Computerman GmbH, which designed the former world leader regarding web chat servers. In 2006, he then launched Viprinet GmbH, a company he still heads today and for which he leads the development department. With, by now, 45 employees this medium-size manufacturer of Internet routers has since become world leader in regards to broadband bonding.

With Nerdherrschaft GmbH established in 2011, Kissel now combines his development activities for his investment management companies in a corporation, and will provide the development services of his team for third parties too.

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