Embedded. Web. Hardware. Software. Hardcore.

At Nerdherrschaft, the name is concept. In some companies, managers drive big cars and wear Gucci handbags while they prepare themselves internally with too much solarium tan and coke for their presence on the golf courses and après-ski parties of this world, which starts at 5:30 p.m. every day. At Nerdherrschaft, on the other hand, the nerds are in charge. We learn, invent, discover and create. We are the biotope of intellectual beauty.

Once per quarter, the team goes to a one week retreat called "Nerdmill"

Other companies have people who, as a result of a failed career as a rugby star, have decided to make big money as a Java "programmer". We have nerds. People who have tried since their earliest youth to acquire as much knowledge and competence in their field of interest as possible, and who may still discover something new every day.

Research is passion, coding is life.

Our activities range from hardware development (PCB design), Linux kernel development and high-level OOP to GUI applications, web and apps. Since hardly anyone wants to do the same for years, it is the rule that one learns and discovers across departments.

Embedded in the Innovationspark Bingen we find the best conditions to develop great products. Our sister company Viprinet has been developing, producing and selling VPN routers for mission-critical applications for than 10 years, with 40 employees today. Kissel Ventures GmbH holds further interests on-site in addition to Nerdherrschaft and invests in new start-ups. The basic scheme here is that products and techniques are developed at Nerdherrschaft, which are then outsourced as independent project companies that take care of sales. This keeps Nerdherrschaft as an organization lean and self-determined.

Nerdherrschaft is led by its founder, Simon Kissel - known in the development community as "scamp". He has already founded and built up the aforementioned router manufacturer Viprinet. With the increasing size of the company, there was hardly any time and space left for him as managing director to research and develop, but with Nerdherrschaft he now returns to his passion, while he has placed Viprinet in the experienced hands of the management team that has grown there.

Father Rhine, Mother Nerd

The Nerdherrschaft originates from our headquarters in beautiful Bingen am Rhein, which is not only located in the World Cultural Heritage Middle Rhine Valley, also in Germany's most productive county. The state capital Mainz can be reached by car, train or hitchhiking in 30 minutes, another 15 minutes later you are in Frankfurt am Main. The next station, which is frequented by intercity and regional trains, is only a ten-minute walk away - simple enough for spontaneous journeys to Koblenz, Cologne and Frankfurt. The airports Frankfurt am Main and "Frankfurt"-Hahn are both 45 minutes away.

On the other hand, if you're with us, you probably never want to leave anyway.

Current job openings

Nerd (m/f)

Your profile:

  • You are a nerd of any gender
  • You like nerdy things
  • You like working with more nerds
  • You can do something that seems relevant to us
  • But you want to learn even more
  • And even more

An advantage is a background in one of the relevant nerd communities, such as demoscene, cracking scene, hacktivism, maker scene, kernel hackers or HPVCA.
If you find yourself in this profile, please write a digital electronic letter to .

Linux Sysadmin/Userland Developer

We are looking for a Linux Sysadmin, who will maintain our world-wide server instances. This includes bare metal, but also virtualized stuff, using both our own Linux distribution in some cases, or CentOS and others. It also involves tons of TCP/IP and other network related things (also see here), including BGP and OSPF.

The job will also involve some development work, which involves shell scripting etc. You will work together with a hardcore experienced Linux kernel hacker, some of the best coders on this plant, and there are tons of new things to learn.

The learning part requires some presence, but other than that working remotely and/from home is fine, too.

If you find yourself in this profile, please write a message according to RFC 1149 to .