*) and Nerds only. Sorry.

The biotope of intellectual beauty

At Nerdherrschaft the name is concept - here the nerds have the say.
We have set ourselves the goal of creating a space in which everyone feels comfortable and can work, learn and grow together. We have no dress code, fixed working hours or rigid guidelines. Instead, everyone can work in the way that suits him or her best. Whether at night or early in the morning, alone or in a team, with loud music or absolute silence - in our flexible offices everything is possible.

Our office is located in the small town idyll of Bingen am Rhein. The World Heritage Site Middle Rhine is right at your door, but the surrounding cities are also only a short train or car ride away. To Mainz and Wiesbaden you need about 30 minutes, Frankfurt can be reached in one hour. Both IC trains and regional trains depart regularly from Bingen station.

We are constantly on the lookout for creative nerds who might fit in with us. As a rule, these people are so capable of development that they learn and develop in the course of their work with us in a wide variety of areas. Concrete job descriptions or concretely defined advertised positions are therefore the exception with us.

Therefore the current vacancy notice is as follows:

Nerd (m/f/who cares?)

You are a nerd, you would like to create new things together with other nerds, learn new things all the time, and really let off steam creating new hardware and software? Maybe you also come from one of the nerd communities like the demoscene, cracking scene, hacktivism, maker scene, kernel hackers or HPVCA? You think you'd be good for us?

Then we would like to get to know you and are looking forward to your e-mail to .