We offer technology consulting, support and technical coordination for your IT projects. With our industry expertise, we ensure that your project goals are achieved. We speak the language of nerds and can mediate between worlds.

Transparency for your IT projects

Our founder, Simon Kissel, describes himself as a hardcore nerd. He has deep expertise in all areas of hardware and software development. Unlike many technology-obsessed nerds, however, he has also learned the language of normal people. He is therefore able to translate even the most complex issues into a comprehensible language and make them transparent. This is especially important because many developers tend to hide behind their gibberish on purpose in order to make it difficult for management to intervene.

Simon can call on a team of experienced developers who can assist with technical problem analysis down to the last detail and contribute their experience.

Due to his ability to make complex issues understandable, Simon has been booked for many years both as a consultant and as an expert for IT conferences and TV reports.

Simon does not mince his words with his extremely analytical manner. If your IT project has shortcomings in planning or implementation, he will relentlessly reveal this and show ways in which it could be done better.

Our consulting services

  • Selecting the optimal hardware platform for embedded and IoT projects: A common problem in the development of embedded devices is the selection of the optimal hardware platform. Many developers simply want to use what they are "used to". Often the result is that the hardware used is too weak, too energy-intensive, poorly available or simply too expensive. We have over 25 years of experience in embedded development, and can help you define the right embedded platform for your project.
  • Project streamlining and scaling optimisation: IT projects tend to get completely out of hand. So-called "full-stack developers" often ensure that a lack of competence in the area of efficient software performance is compensated for by throwing hardware on top. As a result, many applications quickly break down when they are actually used by a considerable number of users at the same time. We know the common pitfalls and dead ends, prevent your developers from getting lost in them, and show ways and solutions.
  • Cost/risk analyses: As early as during the planning phase of a development project it is important to know the existing project risks. In our 25 years of work, we have experienced just about everything and know what can cause things to fail. These truths are often uncomfortable, but speaking them out early in the project can save a lot of grief and money.