No matter if Hardware or Software - we just love development.

What we do

Nerdherrschaft offers you the entire development chain, from the idea to the product ready for shipment.
We don't just give you a piece of the puzzle, we give you a total picture that wakes up your competitors.

Hardware Development

We design custom PCBs, electronics and enclosures. In addition to R&D, we do the prototyping in-house, which reduces time-to-market.

Internet of Things

We develop complete IoT devices for you in the industrial and consumer sectors, including mobile M2M communication and cloud connectivity.

PCB Design

We develop customised multilayer printed circuit boards for you. We speak USB and PCI Express as fluently as LTE 4G/5G and WiFi.

Software Development

We offer software development for desktop applications under Windows, MacOS and Linux. We also do mobile apps and web applications available.

Delphi / Object Pascal

We love Object Pascal. We develop new applications in this language and would be happy to maintain your existing Delphi applications.

Embedded Firmware

For embedded systems we not only develop hardware, but also provide firmware and drivers. We love hacking Linux kernels.

Our Development skills

  • PCB Design: We design custom printed circuit boards with any number of layers.
  • Prototype assembly: PCB prototypes are assembled in-house to shorten the time to market. The subsequent series production can be carried out with our experienced partners in Germany or China.
  • Production of system boards: We create customized system boards based on x86 or ARM CPUs, including high-speed bus systems such as PCI Express. 
  • Connected devices: Working with WAN communication technologies such as 4G/LTE/5G, xDSL and Ethernet is our daily business.
  • SIM card technologies: We design custom SIM systems including SIM virtualization.
  • Certification: We are used to developing standard compliant (RoHS/EMI/FCC/ETL) devices and work with various laboratories to certify the electronics.
  • Enclosures: We design enclosures based on bent sheet metal and/or custom extruded aluminum profiles. We are very experienced in manufacturing passively cooled devices, but also very experienced in manufacturing devices based on forced airflow.
  • Assembly: For projects with a small to medium number of units we can carry out the complete assembly including quality assurance in-house. Our team has manufactured thousands of mission critical Internet routers.
  • Network code: We have our own in-house TCP/IP routing stack and are one of the most competent teams in Europe when it comes to development in this area. Routers, server systems, firewalls - we have done it all.
  • GUI desktop applications: We have over 20 years of experience in creating fast and native Windows desktop applications. We mainly work with Object Pascal / Delphi, which has a rich market of ready to use components, which reduces cost and time to market.
  • Linux System Development: We create custom system-level Linux software, including driver development, in C and x86 and ARM assembler languages.
  • Android and iOS apps: Although the development of apps for mobile phones is not our main focus, some projects require companion applications for Android and/or iOS phones. We do these as well.
  • Web applications: We develop web applications based on our own Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolkit, which results in a very low time-to-market and cost-effective development. The applications can be standalone or work with server or cloud-based backends.
  • Scalable Cloud/Server applications: We have developed servers that can handle up to 50,000 requests per second. We are very experienced when it comes to making server applications perform. We are also very experienced in scalable systems that can automatically acquire additional server/cloud resources as needed.
  • Extended temperature PCBs: We are used to creating both cost-optimized designs for commercial temperature range. But we are also able to create PCBs that can withstand industrial temperature ranges.
  • Rugged enclosures: While we can manufacture very small devices, we also have experience in producing rugged enclosures, for example in extruded aluminium, for rugged outdoor applications.
  • IoT networking: We are very experienced in manufacturing tiny networked devices. Whether it's a high-speed train, lamppost or trashcan - when it comes to connecting to the Internet or a VPN, we can do it.