The oracle speaks, and it says: The development of application software in Delphi and Object Pascal should be done by Nerdherrschaft.

We love application development.
And we love Delphi.

When it comes to developing high-level applications for end users, while we do speak quite a bunch of programming languages, our main tool is Delphi, along with the associated language Object Pascal. This may seem old-fashioned, but it has convincing reasons. The platform has been around for more than 25 years now, and is characterized by the combination of a very clean object-oriented and type-safe programming language with a RAD (Rapid Application Development) approach. 

The excellent class library provides ready-to-use components for many standard problems. In addition, there is a market of tens of thousands of professionally maintained third-party software components. A large proportion of the application can therefore be assembled from "Lego bricks". Compared to other languages and development environments, development times and costs can often be halved.

Our love for Delphi is therefore not based on nostalgia, but on expertise, pragmatism and competitive thinking.

Delphi sure has reached a mature age, but is absolutely up to date. Whether graphical applications for Windows and MacOS, server systems for Linux, or even apps for Android and iOS - all this can be created with a uniform source code base.  
The created application software runs "natively" on all mentioned platforms, i.e. directly in the machine language of the CPU, i.e. it is not translated at runtime as is the case with many languages such as Java. Programs written in Delphi therefore often run several times faster and need much less RAM.

You will hardly find a team in Europe that can match our expertise in this area.  Besides new developments we also offer to take over the maintenance of your existing ones.

Besides the commercial Delphi tool chain, we also like to use its open source alternative, the Freepascal-based Lazarus.
By the way, we wrote the software "WABIS" pictured here in 1996. It was used as an innovative way to electronically track containers in the trucking industry back then. It can still be freshly compiled at any time and runs on Windows 10 without adjustments. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Network applications (TCP/IP): Whether client/server or cloud - when it comes to network code, no one can fool us. No wonder, we have been developing Internet routers for 15 years. Even a software VPN client developed by us was written in Delphi.
  • GUI Desktop applications: We have more than 20 years of experience in developing fast and native Windows desktop applications based on Delphi.
  • Graphical applications 2D/3D (OpenGL, Direct X): We create sophisticated presentations and live visualizations, e.g. for presentation at trade fairs, in 2D and 3D. Our developers have already won many awards for such demonstration software.
  • Android and iOS Apps: We also write mobile phone apps predominantly in Delphi. Since Delphi, unlike Java-based development environments, generates native machine code, even demanding applications run at breakneck speed on old mobile phones.
  • Video and Picture processing: We are very familiar with the development of applications in the fields of image and video processing.
  • Digital Audio processing: Some of our team members have been writing music Software for decades. These days we do all kinds of digital audio signal processing applications, including Voice over IP.
  • Scalable Cloud/Server applications: Where other developers with NodeJS and similar "modern" development stacks are happy if their code can subsequently process a few requests per second, we have developed server software in Delphi that can process up to 50,000 requests per second. So scalable systems don't have to mean that you have to run huge amounts of servers. 
  • Component development: One of the big advantages of Delphi is the component-based development approach. Our development work is always encapsulated in reusable components so that they can be reused in later projects. We are happy to develop your own personal components, e.g. for use in your own projects by your in-house developers.

Get in touch

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