From the initial idea to the final product ready for series production - Nerdherrschaft offers a comprehensive service for board development.

We develop your circuit boards

Nerdnerrschaft offers full support in the field of electronics development: We cover the entire process from the conception of your ideas to the final product ready for series production. We also take over existing customer projects and ensure the further development or series optimization of your existing products. 

The development process covered by us includes the PCB layout, the definition of the components, also with regard to cost optimization and availability, product testing, the design of the mechanics, the housing, the control panel, the sensors and the drives, i.e. all steps up to the finished assembly or the finished device. This also includes the review and compliance with all directives that refer to CE or other standards. 

We have a great deal of experience in the field of networking technologies. For example, we have been developing boards for Internet routers for both stationary and mobile applications for 10 years. So if your product is to be connected to WLAN or LTE mobile communications, for example, you are in the best of hands with us. We also have a lot of experience in development based on x86 and ARM CPUs. For this purpose we have in-house designs for miniature CPU modules, which greatly accelerate development processes. In keeping with this expertise, we are also very familiar with various high-speed bus systems such as USB and PCI Express. 

What we can do for you

  • Development of hardware and software from one source
  • Sample and prototype construction
  • Inspection and functional testing
  • Cost optimization of series
  • Components procurement
  • Coordination of series production

Additional Software Development

Nerdherrschaft has extensive know-how in the area of system-oriented software development. So we do not just supply you with a bare board, but also provide the software necessary for operation. Whether development on Linux Kernel and/or microcontroller level, no matter if C or assembler - we cover everything.

Mechanics and construction

In addition to PCB design, Nerdherrschaft offers you the development of mechanical and electromechanical components and assemblies. The development is carried out on current CAD systems and takes into account the relevant standards and guidelines. We develop housings on the basis of thin sheet or customer-specific extruded profiles. Whether cooling by convection, case fan or by integration of case and heat sink - depending on the requirements, we design cases for use in the office, outdoors or in vehicles.

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