Existing since 2011, Nerdherrschaft has created a respectable number of Software, Hardware and turn-key products for our customers. While we can't talk about everything, here are a couple of examples on what we've done.

Viprinet Multichannel VPN Router

In 2005, Nerdherrschaft founder Simon Kissel invented a method to bundle several individually insufficient Internet lines into a stable connection. After the procedure had proven itself in initial tests, he successfully applied for a patent for the technology, and subsequently implemented the system as a hardware router with a small team. One year later the company Viprinet was founded, which brought various routers onto the market in the following years. From 2011 onwards, Nerdherrschaft GmbH took over the development work and followed up with further patentable inventions. After experiencing many economic ups and downs with Viprinet, Simon Kissel left the company in 2017 to focus on Nerdherrschaft.


After Viprinet had proven that Nerdherrschaft can develop absolutely fail-safe Internet routers "Made in Germany", the Wantastic project was about combining high quality with comprehensive cost optimization. An Internet router was to be developed, which was initially to be issued to customers on the Turkish market by an Internet provider within the scope of its services.

During the development of the device, we looked at every cent for every component, and also optimized the circuit boards to be developed and the housing for cost-effective mass production. The cases are now manufactured in the Czech Republic, the circuit boards in China and Germany. The final assembly takes place either in Germany or directly on site in the target country.


With Simergy, Nerdherrschaft has developed a new technology in 2018 and 2019 in which SIM cards no longer have to be located in end devices such as routers, but can be stored in a central location collected in a server. End devices in the field can obtain a remote SIM over the air according to their current needs. If, for example, a vehicle has to cross several countries, it obtains a new SIM card remotely every time it crosses the border. Roaming charges are thus a thing of the past, even outside the EU.

SIM Management System

For a Simergy customer who wanted to deploy this solution on a large scale, a management software was developed that enables the management of a very large number of SIM cards. The software was developed in such a way that the frontend consists of a very slim and modern web-based interface. The backend is based on the Nerdherrschaft technology stack. Web server, distributed and redundant database and business logic have a total size of a few megabytes, and can be distributed to any cloud server in seconds, or embedded directly into devices.

Pairys - Remote Pair Programming

A system for "Remote Pair Programming" was developed primarily for internal use. It enables home office employees to work in a team with another developer using a dual monitor setup. The concept of "Pair Programming" in itself is an old hat: two developers work together on one project. While one of them is writing program code, the second developer is looking over his shoulder. After some time, they take turns. This system increases the quality of the developed product considerably according to studies and practice. With "Pairys" this is now taken to a new level. By working with two monitors via the remote connection, both parties can work on parts of the code at the same, while also providing feedback to the follow developer. This increases both speed and quality of the produced code.

GUIlty RAD User Interface Designer

GUIlty is a kind of modular system for web applications. In accordance with the "Rapid Application Development" ("RAD") principle, responsive applications can be created very quickly and effectively using a component-based approach. The system already works with live data during development - if you add a table to the interface, for example, it displays data directly from the backend. The web application communicates with the backend or the business logic via web socket connections. This allows server-side live updates to be sent to the user interface at any time.


The Nerdmobile serves as a show-truck for technologies developed by Nerdherrschaft. A Viprinet router (model Toughlink 2500) is installed here. This bundles three LTE 4G links and provides WLAN in and around the vehicle. In addition to various cellular and WiFi antennas, there are also large solar cells on the roof, which generate up to 500 watts and make the system completely self-sufficient. The Nerdmobile is used for many events sponsored by Nerdherrschaft, including those of the worldwide computer art community, the "demoscene".